If this is your first time here, welcome to my blog! If not, thanks for coming back! I really appreciate all of you guys stopping by to check my blog out. While you’re here feel free to comment and follow. This blog is for what I find to be interesting, whether it be something I have done, something I heard about or found on the internet.

I am currently 17 years old living in New Brunswick, Canada. I live out in the country on a 100 acre farm that our family rents. I love the outdoors  and enjoy working on the farm year-round. During the summer, I hay almost full-time bringing in the 3500 small square bales that we need. I also help Dad with various farm projects. Guns fascinate me and I hunt every fall and winter. I have gotten quite a number of ruffed grouse, and have just started deer hunting. I love working on engines, cars and trucks. Right now I am working towards being a mechanic and want to own my own shop in the future. Up north we get a lot snow so after every storm I get up early to plow, and am currently learning how to use an International plow truck.

Over the past few years as a part of our school curriculum, I have taken welding and learned how to do mig welding, stick welding and tig welding. I have done this on both steel and aluminum. I absolutely love welding and enjoy fabricating and working with metal. I also worked in a diesel shop that took care of about 20 transport trucks, loaders, dozers, and other diesel equipment. I learned how to operate an excavator, bulldozer, front-end loader, backhoe, skid-steer, transport truck, and even got to drive an old army deuce and a half.

I also love photography and may be posting some photography on here as well. My uncle is a professional photographer and we had the chance recently to visit him and it was awesome. Here is his website:  http://www.majestyphoto.com/ .

Hope you guys enjoy this blog; please comment, follow and share!



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    1. Yes I have thought about that quite a bit but not sure if there is a market where I live. Maybe I’ll just try it and see sometime. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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